Vehicles / Setra 431 dt 14 beds + artist suite

This double-decker bus is equipped with 14 beds, an artist suite with a king-size bed in the back lounge and a spacious lounge downstairs. The driver has his own compartment, which is separated by a door from the passenger areas.

Entertainment technology on board this bus includes large LCD flat screens, 2 x DVD, radio, interface for connecting other media devices and CD-Player, all of which run through a Dolby Surround sound system. PlayStation, internet facilities, printer and a choice of movies and games in different languages is available on board.

All beds are fitted with individual light, electricity outlets and ventilation. The lounges have high quality seating and are separated by doors from the rest areas. All tables on board are equipped with power outlets (e.g. for notebooks, charging cell phones etc.).

Power supply inside the bus is 240/220 V, available whilst driving and on landline power.

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Tristan Castex
Tristan Castex Touring Service
Málaga / Spain
EEC VAT ID number: ESX2476461M

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